Somebody pinch me plz-omg!
No-60,000 views in a day-OMG-this is so unreal...this is the biggest shock of my life: http://ping.fm/NXrmY
50,000 channel views in one day-nah I must be fucking dreaming: http://ping.fm/6lvgl
WTF...you kidding me right 130,000 channel views..what the fuck went down? Oh my God-this is not real!
Cumming at ya!
Think I'm joking-watch me sting!
Can't wait to publish dem naughty mp3s. Got some good ones too..just listen and reach a fucking climax!
Wanna hit the studios-go back to recording-then feature it all in my vids...naughty raunchy-imagine it!
I dont think I wanna ever settle down..oh gosh-freedom-I can actually smell it when I speak of it-free like the wind!
djmonalisa: Wow! Great working here on my videos butt naked-feels so good Damn-uh!
Did I spell fuckery correct? Oh well-as I said Sex and Fame-my reality show-the bomb- let's bring it on: http://ping.fm/PhSTb
I cant wait to tell you this fuckery proposal this guy made to me-looks like he got his head slam into a wall!
I mean those guys are getting boring-I figured I would date new ppl-thats right-tired of the bullshit.
I'm anxious to tell you more so I wanna get it out of the way and tell you bout these new guys..lol!
Yea remember how I said Mark and I go way back-just gonna finish telling the story in Sex and Fame Pt 17.
Working on Sex and Fame Part 17 to be re-published; all episodes will be at least 5 mins long.
Wow-lots to do-now that my reality show is becoming more recognized, I gotta make sure all is right!
RealityNews Watch my reality videos at http://ping.fm/umy3M
Whatever you're doing, never do it for the money-do it cause u love it-let the money chase you down-not the other way around.
Overall Arlette...my pain inspires me to be all that I can be. No pain-no gain!
My videos allow me to rewind my life and see where I went wrong-one of the reasons why they must be related truthfully.
I then put off relating my story-spent time mourning for my mom then she told me to live my life cause she already lived hers.
The day I got up and decided to relate my stories to the world, phone rang almost instantly-got the news that mom died!
DJ Mona-Lisa-response: It's therapeutic-mom died but I know someone is listening to me when you view my videos!
Comment-Arlette: DJ Mona-Lisa, what makes you do your videos?
DJ Mona-Lisa response: Yes all the characters are real-real photos too until I get sued! http://ping.fm/vXBdn
Comment-Arlette: DJ Mona-Lisa, is Jason a real person?
DJ Mona-Lisa on YouTube: http://ping.fm/5P8Dk
Comment-Calvin: DJ Mona-Lisa, Love u thing them!
Comment-Arlette: DJ Mona-Lisa, I really like listening to your YouTube broadcasts!
Your altitude becomes your attitude- let's go the extra mile to be all that we were meant to be!
Holla at me when you get here-beautiful Orlando!
Reminder-book hotels online before visiting Orlando-the cost tends to be way cheaper than booking in person.
I honestly feel that-as a tourist-Orlando Fl is one of the greatest place on earth!
Orlando, Fl-wow I'm in love with the place-surprised at the crime rate-but spent time in tourist areas and had the time of my life.
In regards to visiting Florida, you will definitely have a good time. I look forward to seeing you!
Wish I had read these reviews about Metro Place Apartments in Orlando before I made the biggest mistake of my life: http://ping.fm/9p79D
RealityShowStars DJ Mona-Lisa reality show: http://ping.fm/15A27
My reality show has taken off; I deserve this-I suffered ya know!
djmonalisa Yesterday I was under the scrutiny of the world; it was shocking-yet I prefer to spread my wings-until I flow with the wind.
Sex and Fame..videos below 5 mins will be upgraded and republished-sorry for the inconvenience!
Wow a lot of work to do!
I may be re-editing 4 of my videos as my reality show has reached a new dimension; wanna make sure no-one claims copyrights.
I didn't even realize I passed 10,000 tweets this week. I wonder what I said when I reached that number.
Sex and Fame Part 20-editing-wow this is my life: http://ping.fm/5XuCk