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"Illegal immigrants"-I hate that term...get rid of it!
Education for all-California allows college aid to illegal immigrant: http://ping.fm/kowAF
Paul McCartney weds: http://ping.fm/F962g
Unemployed seek protection against job bias: http://ping.fm/L9hqS
Companies not considering applicants who have been out of work longer than six months..this the world we living in.
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We're all under a telescope and we know-why don't we stop and think...that's why no-one will ever know the real me.
For the first time I deleted a friend; his wife shun all his friends...Facebook...wow..has gained so much strength!
Today on Facebook I thought to myself..people that are wed are using the wrong source to vent their feelings.
This much I've known from a long time ago -hat I'm owned by God even though it doesn't often shows.
From I was a child I knew what awaits me...I cannot run; there's no where to hide and I'm frightened by it.
I'm here thinking-destiny is already written in the stars...kinda scary when you already know who you are.
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