Stan, Im happy that way-it's like this-being single enables me to share a special bond with my fans.
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Whatever-this is real life...okay! Walking around butt naked...luv it..gonna soak soon for half hour then massage...later!
Okay-does anybody want a lick?
My tits like it when Im naked; they just keep on smiling; my pussy is here jumping!
I love to speak the naked truth and go naked all day...Im not the norm-will never be!
I use to do this more often and damn my life flowed...even the spirits like to see me naked!
Hi-just here working online naked-who says a girl gonna keep on clothes if she don't wanna!
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No Etete, I'm not getting married; I'm living the single life and enjoying it-that video is a past episode.
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Jackie why do the tears still flow; its been so long ago! The only way I can help others is to be all that I can possible be right now!
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Oh well a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do-diamonds are a girl's best friends- I will be able to afford 'em.
Only have 4 more days to live a private life. It's a bit overwhelming! I wasn't ready for this yet!
Now that the cameras will be following me 24/7, I'm beginning to feel the pressure of this whole thing!
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