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DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Part 19

DJ Mona-Lisa witnesses a drama; a lover's worst nightmare while vacationing on Jamaica's mesmerizing shores. She ponders whether or not her lover is bi-sexual then comes to her own conclusion. The popular reality series features lots of travel and adventure; it also features the outcome of dating people that we often meet online. Often their lifestyles sometimes turn out to be quite shocking and not what one often expect in a relationship.
When someone drops me as a friend on Facebook, tell me how does that affect me-it's actually their loss not mines.
Nigerians are wonderful people-the few that goes about trying to harm ppl wont have a complete impact on discrediting my love for 'em!
DJ Kwame-hear me out-I'm one of the world's best fucker-no doubt-like I say, I don't just talk the talk I walk the walk!