No doubt, the X Factor Rocks))))))))))
Why ya trying to scam a girl like me? I study International Law fool.
My experiences enhances my reality shows! I don't mind going through this shit as long as u don't become a part of it.
From posing as someone else to gain love interest to monetary scams, Nigerians have caused ppl to be in fear!
Thanks again for the prayers to make the right decision..God opened my eyes; I am dealing with the real owners.
Be on the alert...scammers trying to pose as homeowners abroad working as missionaries just tried to scam me.
I pray that God will bless all those who prayed for the welfare of me and my family. May He grant you the wishes of your heart.
I appreciates everyone's prayer-I'm also thankful for the experience which I will relate soon on Blog Talk Radio!
Beautiful people, your prayers must have been heard across the horizons. Things are starting to happen..will be in touch!