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Showing posts from October 5, 2011
My family and I have suffered because of the terrible ordeal in the Metro West community in Orlando; we pray for peace-pray with me.
I will use this platform and my experiences to inform the public of MetroWest area in Orlando; recently someone was raped in the community!
MetroPlaceApartments needs to be shut down to protect the welfare of children; recently my twin daughters picked up used condoms in the park.
If you move to Orlando do not rent MetroWestApartments...very dangerous for families...gunshots...bullies...window breaking!
Comment: Archangel-DJ Mona-Lisa, I just put your request to others, we intent to bombard heaven on your behalf so you get an answer today!
Please pray that my family and I may find the perfect place to call home; we fled from our home after kids attacked my children.