Oh what a man! Steve Job co-founder of Apple went to college 1 semester 1972-net worth at death-8.3 billion.
Im negotiating about a new place-pray that I make the right decision for my family-thank you all so much!
Founder of Apple, Steve Job confirmed dead..diagnosed with cancer..condolences!
Founder of Apple, Steve Job confirmed dead..lost battle with cancer after many years!
I would like to do Sex Kitten LIVE...I really wanna do it Boo..gonna drive you crazy!
Darren-Sex and Fame is my ongoing reality show; you can find all my videos here: http://ping.fm/bkS2P
Nigerian men love fabulous girls:http://ping.fm/7eXEs
DJ Mona-Lisa talk show entitled Fabulous Girls Vs Slim Bitches: http://ping.fm/wfsv5
Diets tend to stress the pussy out-not me!
Gonna grab something to eat-gotta keep this pussy fluffy and sweet!
DJ Mona-Lisa response: Wayne I truly appreciate you and all my friends who took time out to know me well.
Comment-Wayne: DJ Mona-Lisa I just love how you bring messages across in ur own style-some sexy n some stern!
Comment-Wayne: DJ Mona-Lisa, glad to have met you; you shed so much light on so many vital areas of life!
Thanks for your prayers-things seems to be looking up-stay in prayer for me-love ya all!
My twins just informed me that they need more videos bout u Jason-plz don't influence my kids with ur gay life! http://ping.fm/Jd7yD
Orlando, Florida-the most dangerous place I've ever lived in America.
MetroPlace Orlando: The pizza guy refuses to deliver pizza here-that's how dangerous this complex is.
My family and I have suffered because of the terrible ordeal in the Metro West community in Orlando; we pray for peace-pray with me.
I will use this platform and my experiences to inform the public of MetroWest area in Orlando; recently someone was raped in the community!
MetroPlaceApartments needs to be shut down to protect the welfare of children; recently my twin daughters picked up used condoms in the park.
Orlando police has informed me that MetroPlaceApartment is one of the top crime complexes in the city of Orlando!
If you move to Orlando do not rent MetroWestApartments...very dangerous for families...gunshots...bullies...window breaking!
Comment: Archangel-DJ Mona-Lisa, I just put your request to others, we intent to bombard heaven on your behalf so you get an answer today!
Yea for a sec I saw the bird while I was in the plane then it vanished..left it in film: http://ping.fm/N6RdI
No I do not see myself returning to my true love; I would miss out on what the world has to offer: http://ping.fm/CcwFo
Father when my grandmother prayed, you answered her prayers...my grandma's God is my God..I expect an answer today!
Thy will be done Oh God, Amen!
Father God. I can deal with suffering but for the sake of the kids, please help us to find a place to call home.
The parents of the children that attacked my family has been dealt with accordingly..now we need peace.
I am like a bird that needs to perch-please God do not give me more than I can bear-hear my prayer today!
I am thankful to God for the experience so I can relate about it on BlogTalk Radio; however, my heart needs rest!
Please pray that my family and I may find the perfect place to call home; we fled from our home after kids attacked my children.
DJ Mona-Lisa: Camille my talk shows are at http://ping.fm/BZKQp and my 24 hr radio station is http://cyberspacefm.com
DJ Mona-Lisa's response: I see you're definitely a fan; most of all-you are someone who understands me from the heart!
Comment: "DJ Mona-Lisa a person might remark that u r a bitch or something but this is a real way of expressing oneself!"
Comment: Your video entitled, "Why Did You Touch Me There" is so touching DJ Mona-Lisa!
DJ Mona-Lisa: I like how u say that Camille-
"Not so many persons have the aptitude to be so expresssive."
Comment: Camille-not so often people expressed themselves in a real sexual way.
Comment: Camille-how u expressed urself may come across freaky but I am getting the message!
When the A/C broke down, DJ Mona-Lisa does the ultimate video before the repairs: http://ping.fm/z1n8t