Now he wants to get back with me-NEVER!
Yea that incident in Sex and Fame Part 7 caused me to have a nervous breakdown...her son said I was lying!
DJ Mona-Lisa Sex and Fame pt 7 http://ping.fm/ieusd
That woman has no shame-she gives mother-in-laws a horny name...yea the one in Sex and Fame Pt 7.
Yea some say Sex and Fame pt 7 is hilarious-I say its fucked up-shouldnt have to go thru that shit!
Hey thanx 4 the views-back to working on my next video-luv ya!
My photo published last week is my favorite photo as it reveals my oriental slanted eyes: http://ping.fm/XeH9a
DJ Mona-Lisa photo taken in Ocho Rios Jamaica 5/9/11 http://ping.fm/7Lyak