It's great to be home again in the U.S; thanks to the wonderful people that treated me like royalty in Jamaica!
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Dear Erica.. break the cycle; the day you stop fucking another woman's man; you will find your own..I love you..DJ Mona-Lisa (Prophetess) Lol!
Get ready to laugh your ass off as we present another side of DJ Mona-Lisa..hot comedy coming at you!
A psychic ah! Debra I would rather you refer to me as an oracle of the true and living God!
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Erica darling; I just landed couple hours ago and got your letter; I care about you-will respond soon!
DJ Mona-Lisa They said "DJ Mona-Lisa, take another drink." Then rolled the cameras; it's a stint-blackmailed 4 sure on Jamaica shore!
I called her mother; she called me daughter-but when the shit went down, she stood by her son!
Two women- we arrived on the same flight-one had open heart surgery; the other had her heart broken!