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Im shooting the videos now-I will try to publish for New Years but in case I don't finish editing-remember you've got my loving all year..okay!
Yea I show that tattoo for the first time-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. One says Fortune and Fame and another says Angelic!
Yea I show that tattoo for the 1st-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. There's one that says Fortune and Fame-one says Angelic!
I cry for my country. Why should the citizens of Jamaica not be able the enjoy the beauty thereof-whose to be blamed for the sufferings-how long?
I got up worried for my country, wanting better for the citizens of Jamaica. Wondering what its gonna take for my ppl to have a fair government.

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) The Hottest Girl In The World

This video illustrates that beauty goes beyond physical appearance. DJ Mona-Lisa reports, "I was molested and raped as a child; now I dedicate my life to informing the public of the stigma of both worldwide dilemmas. I consider females that seek to empower each other as beautiful souls that are indeed the light of the universe." DJ Mona-Lisa's reality series is brought to you courtesy of DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcast. Protect your children from child molestation. Visit DJ Mona-Lisa's channel to learn more: Subscribe to DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Television at

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Suck Ur Mother

There was a time when I realized that we don't need to have a long as God have. Only a stupid man believes that he owns anything at all!
XFactor PPl from the Caribbean needs to support Melanie-emerged from the realms of a culture that she is not ashame to be identified with.
XFactor Melanie: She has depths, longevity and strength; as the years go by the world will understand her-so much she haven't yet said!

DJ Mona-Lisa (How to Deal With A Heartache) LIVE Radio Broadcast

DJ Mona-Lisa special featuring excepts from recent broadcast on Blog Talk Radio:
Okay viewers complained yesterday about the way I spoke-I gave you three videos for one-now its time to republish Bitches And Clits!
My worst experience for 2011 was being attacked after doing Bitches and Clits; I was shock-thought I had given my most exotic performance!