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DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex Rehab) will be re-published today to maintain all copyrights and be able to be viewed on cell phones.

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Pt 21

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Pt 21

DJ Mona-Lisa seeks fun and adventure. Living the single life seems to be turning out just right for cyberspace's hottest diva. Watch out for more upcoming series of DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame), an exclusive reality series featuring lots of travel,hot romance, music and drama-not to mention reaching multiple climaxes during each episode. The videos are absolutely mind-blowing!

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To Netlog: people are not commodities; it's time you stop treating them like shit; to you they are a number; to me they are priceless friends.
I was mad with my mom for leaving me at 6 weeks story told; I felt free...relieved-no longer alone-thanks professor!
In college my English professor told me to write an essay and not to be afraid to express myself. I got an A-essay filled with explicit language.
Now I understand our sufferings are sometimes God's plan. I have something to not only live for but also to die for!
RapeVictims For years may have forgotten being raped as a child..was too busy dealing with even rapes at gunpoint.
Example I gave myself to the world just as I am take it or leave it-don't change for anyone-maybe they wish they were you!
Child Molestation:"Psychological effect is life lasting. Children should be protected from dangers that await them by adult predators!
Im glad that oneday I found a true reason for living-representing children around the world that have been raped and molested!

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Part 20

Sexual real hot video by sex goddess, exclusive episode of DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame), popular reality show starring DJ Mona-Lisa...filmed on the beautiful shores of Jamaica.
Hi-three of my broadcasting videos will be republished today to obtain full copyrights-sorry for the inconvenience!
I never want to be taught how to pose or to be made up for the cameras.....that would not be me-and truly a fake destiny!
Mom..before I entered the promise land-it was important that I tested those around me. It's okay now. I'm ready to fly!
So many personalities; I give each of them a chance to express themselves to the world-last week I fought for equality!
Occupy Jamaica protest on October 20th, Half Way Tree Square at 2 pm...demanding equal rights and justice for all.
Occupy Jamaica..Sale of our assets: Appleton rum, Captain Morgan rum, Tia Maria coffee liqueur, Red Stripe beer...Dickie Crawford
Occupy Jamaica: Sale of our assets: land, bauxite, beaches, hotels, airline, airports, coffee ect- Dickie Crawford
Occupy Jamaica-statement-Dickie Crawford: Neglect of the people: poor housing,schooling roads, water, healthcare ect
Occupy Jamaica: “Occupy Together” movement, calling for an “Occupy Half-Way-Tree” for Thursday, October 20, at 2:00 pm.
I'm here refreshing my knowledge about Madame Tussauds; my grandmother taught me about great scholars when I was a child.
Arlette, the song that is featured in my video is "When You Feel Lonely". To find on itunes, spell artists name-"M-a-v-a-d-o".
Can't wait to publish dem naughty mp3s. Got some good ones too..just listen and reach a fucking climax!