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djmonalisa: OMG I ain't gonna Google myself no more cause I'm shocked that I'm respected like that..OMG-I'm just a girl from St. Mary Jamaica!
djmonalisa: Roxyboy thank you for making me your "face gurl" on Sirius Satellite Radio-appreciate:

DJ Mona-Lisa Cyberspace Love 2/21/2011 - djmonalisa | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

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America's celebrity broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa...informs the public of the advantages and disadvantages of cyberspace and long distance relationships. Cyberspace Love is amongst the most popular podcasts on the worldwide web that truly educates,motivates and relates to "real life" experiences. DJ Mona-Lisa undoubtedly dominates the airwaves with her sensuality, sexual and sophisticated appeal not to mention her comical persona and logical theories. You're invited to view her videos at:

DJ Mona-Lisa (Journey)

DJ Mona-Lisa (Therapy Session)

Kindly subscribe to DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcasting Channel at

DJ Mona-Lisa (Therapy Session)

Kindly subscribe to DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcasting Channel at
Motivational talk show for multicultural audiences. Renown radio broadcaster, DJ Mona-Lisa relates to fans worldwide in regards to family, relationships,health, career,motivation and superior empowerment: New Topic-Crossing The Enemy Line:
Motivation and inspiration for both women and men who strive to live the Christian Life! Encouragement for the homeless...the jobless..the single mom-the father that feels worthless. One of the most motivational podcast for those who have been abused both physically and mentally. DJ Mona-Lisa despite her faults as a sinner is definitely a mentor for everyone:
Lol Sharon of Facebook; I can't believe the church changed the time of the service and also length so sinners can get to watch the Super Bowl..Damn!
Mommy I will do the show..dedicated to was the day that you left me behind to do all the things that you were unable to do; I honestly felt your kisses from the skies. Now I'm not afraid to die!
Will DJ Mona-Lisa continue on BlogTalk Radio? "I think that I've already covered what is of relevance importance; maybe again someday!
This Sunday at 12:30am, DJ Mona-Lisa comes to you live on Radio...feel free to call in and give your opinion in regards to topic, "Am I The Only Sinner Out There!"...Follow DJ Mona-Lisa or add as a friend on Kindly visit for more information!
The Game..are you saying that I am not allowed to talk about God-who are you to tell me need to masturbate and repent in the shower!