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After heartbreak in Jamaica-DJ Mona-Lisa returns to the United will she handle family matters under the stress..part 2 coming at ya!
Watch DJ Mona-Lisa at home with her family..all stressed out. Video coming at ya-tell a friend- the real life of DJ Mona-Lisa UNEDITED!
DJ Mona-Lisa gets the shock of her life when she discovers women clothes underneath her bed..the video in less than 15 mins!
If you log off make sure you cum back-I'm cooking up sumting special for ya-It's DJ Mona-Lisa hot weekend vids and flicks!
She's single again..the sexy mona-lisa is back with revenge... hot shots, hot videos,murmurs,maximum pleasure all weekend-get ready for this!
Hi everyone-kindly respect my children's privacy on Facebook-my daughters are beautiful but right now they are focus on completing college not on going to Africa to meet man!

DJ Mona-Lisa (Gal You Mash Up)

Sackat-thanks for loving that "patriotic" mind of mines. JAMAICA LAND WE fans, please visit soon the land of happiness and peace of mind!
Dear Erica.. break the cycle; the day you stop fucking another woman's man; you will find your own..I love you..DJ Mona-Lisa (Prophetess) Lol!
DJ Mona-Lisa They said "DJ Mona-Lisa, take another drink." Then rolled the cameras; it's a stint-blackmailed 4 sure on Jamaica shore!
I had a great time today...still here in Montego Bay...see you online tomorrow..DJ Mona-Lisa photo shoot sponsored by Renu's Coffee and Gift Shop in Holiday Village Shopping Centre, Montego Bay!