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Im shooting the videos now-I will try to publish for New Years but in case I don't finish editing-remember you've got my loving all year..okay!
Yea I show that tattoo for the first time-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. One says Fortune and Fame and another says Angelic!
Yea I show that tattoo for the 1st-it says Jesus! The one on my breast has my name. There's one that says Fortune and Fame-one says Angelic!
I cry for my country. Why should the citizens of Jamaica not be able the enjoy the beauty thereof-whose to be blamed for the sufferings-how long?
I got up worried for my country, wanting better for the citizens of Jamaica. Wondering what its gonna take for my ppl to have a fair government.
So many families are in desperate situations-what is there to celebrate. Dont tell me Jesus was born today..I know better plz!

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) The Hottest Girl In The World

This video illustrates that beauty goes beyond physical appearance. DJ Mona-Lisa reports, "I was molested and raped as a child; now I dedicate my life to informing the public of the stigma of both worldwide dilemmas. I consider females that seek to empower each other as beautiful souls that are indeed the light of the universe." DJ Mona-Lisa's reality series is brought to you courtesy of DJ Mona-Lisa Broadcast. Protect your children from child molestation. Visit DJ Mona-Lisa's channel to learn more: Subscribe to DJ Mona-Lisa Reality Television at

DJ Mona-Lisa (Sex and Fame) Suck Ur Mother

There was a time when I realized that we don't need to have a long as God have. Only a stupid man believes that he owns anything at all!
XFactor PPl from the Caribbean needs to support Melanie-emerged from the realms of a culture that she is not ashame to be identified with.
XFactor Melanie: She has depths, longevity and strength; as the years go by the world will understand her-so much she haven't yet said!

DJ Mona-Lisa (How to Deal With A Heartache) LIVE Radio Broadcast

DJ Mona-Lisa special featuring excepts from recent broadcast on Blog Talk Radio:
Okay viewers complained yesterday about the way I spoke-I gave you three videos for one-now its time to republish Bitches And Clits!
Hi everyone, Bitches and Clit (The story of the lesbian molester) lol will be republished later! Coming up, The Fabulous Life!
My worst experience for 2011 was being attacked after doing Bitches and Clits; I was shock-thought I had given my most exotic performance!
Hot music selections featuring sassy supermodel,fabulous broadcaster and feisty music master rater, DJ Mona-Lisa cumming at ya!