My photo- Double Session...tells on me: http://ping.fm/d5FYk
Ok my photo Golden Touch-it makes me understand why the maintenance man been calling my phone 3 am saying, Can I come over?" Bitch!http://ping.fm/h5c7U
It's a 5 day photo shoot Boo!
That photo look so real..damn I'm dangerous...damn ma what were you thinkin when you were pregnant: http://ping.fm/u9d3S
Ah..I ain't being betrayed by nobody; not that I know of-I'm just doing my thing-you like the shot: http://ping.fm/s8WRI
Lol-looking at my photo-DJ Mona-Lisa (Treason) one can tell I despise all Judas Iscariots! (Betrayers).
Check out DJ Mona-Lisa (Treason) Photo-It's real cool! http://ping.fm/RdGJB
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Check out DJ Mona-Lisa (Golden Touch) Photograph: http://ping.fm/d5bJo
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